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On this page, we will share research findings from ongoing projects at C-STAR, as well as other stroke recovery information. We hope this page can serve as a valuable resource for our participants and their friends and families.

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Sentence processing in aphasia

This post is written by PhD student Sigfus Kristinsson. Sigfus recently had a paper accepted by the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience about how the brain understands different types of sentences....

Able SC Community Leadership Academy

Below is a guest post by Lexie Larcinese, a speech pathology master's student and graduate assistant for C-STAR. During the last six weeks, several individuals with aphasia participated in a course...

Summary from the Aphasia Community Event!

This year's Aphasia Community Event (ACE) was held on April 20. This was a great event full of fellowship, fun, and of course, food. We were honored to have Dr. Audrey Holland talk to us about...