Grigori Yourganov

University of South Carolina

I have received my MSc degree in Computer Science from York University (Toronto, Canada), and my PhD degree in Medical Science from University of Toronto. Since then, I have been working as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of South Carolina (Chris Rorden’s lab) and Medical University of South Carolina (Leo Bonilha’s lab). The focus of my research is application of multivariate methods of data analysis to neuroimaging data (functional and structural MRI, including diffusion and perfusion imaging).

I am particularly interested in understanding the neuronal processes involved in speech and language, and the impairment of speech/language functions in patients who have suffered a stroke. Speech is a complex, multi-faceted function; it relies on a widespread network of brain regions, any of which could be damaged by stroke. Multivariate methods, which are sensitive to interactions between brain regions, are particularly well-suited for studying networks in healthy as well as damaged brains. In addition to advancing our understanding of neurological underpinnings of language, a multivariate framework would facilitate the therapeutic procedures of post-stroke recovery of speech.